What Are Radio Waves?

Radio waves are a kind of electromagnetic wave, as are microwaves, infrared, X-rays and gamma-rays. The known use of radio waves is for communication; TV, cellphones and radios all receive radio waves and turn them into mechanical vibrations within the speaker to crate sound waves that can be heard.

Why Do We Hiccup?

Without a doubt we can say that nobody remembers their first hiccup, well, that is because it happened before you were born. ( We are not even kidding, it’s actually really common for fetuses to have hiccups. )

Migration: Why Do Animals Do It?

Migration ( from the Latin. “Migratio” ) is referred to consequential mass movements of different groups of mammals, birds, fish, insects, amphibians and others species, from one habitat to another. This is associated with a change in living conditions, or with different requirements to conditions, that affect the individual stages …