10 Popular Myths – Busted

Busting Popular mythsThere are a lot of myths out there. Here we have 10 popular myths, that are ready to be debunked using science. So, if you are ready to know the truth, let’s start this!

Myth № 1

Contrary to popular believe, being cold won’t actually give you a cold. You are more likely to catch a cold in a hot and crowded room, then outside in the chilly air. There is no correlation whatsoever between – A cold and THE cold. You will need to be exposed to an actual virus in order to get sick.

Myth № 2

Another misconception is that all bacteria are bad for you. Although, bacteria are behind many common diseases like:
Bubonic Plague
Typhoid Fever
and a “few” more … not all bacteria are bad. It is estimated that about 100 Trillion ( yeah with T ) good bacteria reside in our intestines. They help our body to digest food and absorb nutrients. ( Thank you bacteria for sometimes being a bro! )

Myth № 3

Sugar doesn’t actually make you hyper.  ( So eat all the candy you want kids … ok maybe not that much ) Large amounts of sugar may affect your weight, but they don’t affect behavior or cognitive skills. Some parents believe that sugar will make their children hyperactive, simply because they expect it to do so.

Myth № 4

“The Great Wall of China is the only human-made object visible from space and the moon.” Well … unless you are using a telescope or a high-tech camera with a zoom lens then … no. Surprisingly, the great wall is practically invisible to astronauts on the moon or even earth-orbiting astronauts in that matter.

Myth № 5

Seasons are not caused by the Earth being closer to the Sun in the summer more than the winter. In fact, the northern hemisphere actually experiences winter when the Earth is closest to the Sun and summer when it’s furthest away. Earth has seasons because it’s axis is tilted. It rotates on it while it orbits the Sun. The varying amounts of sunlight around the Earth during a year creates its seasons.

Myth № 6

Picking up a baby bird and returning it to its nest will not cause the mother to reject it. People believe that, because it is now contaminated with your scent, the mother won’t want it. Birds don’t actually have a very strong scent of smell, to begin with, so don’t worry she won’t jump to abandon it any time soon.

Myth № 7

Some people believe that the blood inside your body is blue until it reacts with the oxygen which in turn makes it red. This is not true, even though our veins appear to be this color. Your body fat only allows blue light to penetrate your skin all the way to the veins, so this is the color that is reflected back.

Myth № 8

Alcohol beverages do not warm you up. Although, they can create the sensation of being warmer. Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate and stimulate nerve endings near the surface of the skin, with a warm wave of blood. This can actually make the core body temperature lower, which is the exact opposite of what the myth suggests.

Suprised WAKI ( wine )_opt

Myth № 9

We bet that you didn’t know, that shaving doesn’t actually make your hair grow back thicker. Hair follicles naturally taper at the end, making what you see appear to be the thinner part of your hair. When you shave, you are exposing the thickest part of your hair, which may also appear to be darker, because you are seeing the thickest part flat against your skin.

Myth № 10

Humans have WAY MORE than the commonly cited 5 senses. There are at least a dozen different things that we can sense. Humans can also sense balance, acceleration, pain, relative temperature, hunger, and even blood carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) levels.

So, there you have it 10 popular myths that people believe in – BUSTED!
What other common myths people believe in? – Let us know down in the comments below. Thank you for sticking with us and don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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