What Are Gravitational Waves?

First theorized in 1916, the existence of gravitational waves is upending the world’s understanding of physics, and now after two massive black holes collided nearly 2 billion light years from Earth, astronomers from the LIGO observatory in Washington have detected some of those ripples in the fabric of space-time.

What Are Radio Waves?

Radio waves are a kind of electromagnetic wave, as are microwaves, infrared, X-rays, and gamma-rays. The known use of radio waves is for communication; TV, cellphones, and radios all receive radio waves, and turn them into mechanical vibrations within the speaker to crate sound waves that can be heard.

Where Did Water Come From?

Unlike all the planets in our solar system, Earth’s surface is about 70% liquid water, which while favorable for life, is also kind of weird, because all we know about how and when our planet was created says Earth’s surface should be dry as a bone. So, where did water come from?

Why Space Is Dark

Ok, so the universe we live in is probably endless, and there’s stars in every direction, and stars are really bright. So, why is it not permanent daylight all around us? Why space is dark?