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Under Science Announcement

Hello internet users!

We at Under Science have a request for all of you!

Looking at the bigger picture around the science community, we came to the conclusion that our team can’t keep up with all of the scientific research that is being done around the world. ( Our team is just too small for that. ) Research, that covers so many different topics, that all of us want to understand, topics that affect all of us as human beings. Examples of such topics are the new technologies that are being invented, breakthroughs in the biological, chemical, psychological, and all areas intertwined with science. Even the simple things, like explaining why something happens in our lives, are a little too much for us to deliver on a regular basis while we try to keep up with our personal lives. ( Yes, we are human after all. )

We are still going to research the crap out of things and continue to bring you content that would inform, inspire and motivate you to learn new things about the world around you. Simply, we need your help to cover more things, more quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular visitor to the blog or just stumbling upon it, you can make the world a better place! ( And yes we are not exaggerating. )

We have built this blog for every single one of you guys to enjoy and learn from it. The idea was ( and still is ) to give the general public more knowledge and to beat back ignorance. To make you think and find some ( if not all ) of the answers that you are looking for, explained by science.

Right now, we live in some interesting times

The human race was never this connected. With the internet, we have been given the key not only to better communication ( and Youtube cat videos ) but also to knowledge and freedom of speech. ( Yeah I’m talking about you Youtube comment section. ) With this miracle of a web, we can do a lot of stuff. We can find the dream job, connect with family and friends, entertain ourselves, share ideas, thoughts, and experiences … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Still, the internet is not all friends and rainbows, so, we should be thoughtful of our actions.  While yes, it can be a place for everyone to be everything and learn about anything, it is a powerful tool at our disposal that should be treated with respect.  ( And it should be FREE for everyone to use  – despite what some governments and big corporations are trying to do. )

Back to the topic at hand, we need help from you guys! We are trying to utilize the power of the internet to make this blog ( and the knowledge in it ) grow alongside with the scientific progress we see right now around the world. To bring knowledge to the people and to help some to understand the world around them better.

We need authors

We need people who are willing to contribute to that goal of making the world more informed, thus, influencing our decisions and how we progress as a species in time.

If you think you can contribute with an article or two here are some requirements towards that process:


Let us know a little more about you. Who are you? What person are you? What topics can you cover?  … etc.


Please submit a well-researched article ( in a format of your choice – txt, docx ) about a topic related to science ( or looked under the rules of science — this is the blog theme after all ). / Article length must be at least 500 words of original content. You can provide source material for the article if there is any. /

If you are qualified for the position of author and you produce quality content, we will be more than happy to include links back to your blog or website if you have any related to the topic of the article that you present.  ( Of course. )

If you have an interesting topic to talk about and you want to share your scientific knowledge about it, feel free to submit your article here: underscience.network@gmail.com

So, any help and support are more than welcome! Any like, follow and share on any social media is going to be appreciated. Any click on the ads that our site provides, AdSense donates a little bit of revenue that will be used for further development of the blog. ( Side note: Clicking on any of the ads will NOT harm your device, nor steal anything but a minute of time. We have banned ads that are used for malicious activities from our website. )

It’s been a long and exciting journey into the realm of science. Thank you for all your help and support so far! We hope to see you again in our travels to the depths of knowledge, so please, enjoy your ride as much as we do!

Under Science Team

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