There Are 3 Trillion Trees on the Planet

Deforestation Trees TreeThere are around 3 trillion trees that dot the landscapes of Earth – approximately 420 trees per person – as stated by research led by Yale University posted in the journal Nature.

This may sound like a huge number, but human-driven deforestation is taking its toll on the planet’s flora. Scientists from around the world estimate that, because of such land clearing, Earth has lost half of all forests thanks to human expansion. The data shows that currently, we lose around 15 billion trees each year. If we continue that way a walk in the forest will become a lot more difficult.

Right now, the largest densities of trees can be found in the sub-arctic areas of Europe, North America, and Russia. While nearly 50% of the world’s trees can be found in tropical forests.

The findings were discovered using satellite imagery.

The lead author of the study Thomas Crowther stated that he hopes the research is going to prevent additional deforestation and secure existing forests.

“With this research, we show how much effort is going to be needed if we are going to reverse forests back to a healthy state.”

Trees are important!

The thing about deforestation is that trees store large amounts of carbon and are important for the cycle of nutrients. They also provide better air and water quality. Furthermore, trees anchor the soil with their roots, preventing slides and floods, providing a home for animals, birds and other species.

We can conclude that trees are REALLY important, but we destroy them so fast that they can’t regrow back their numbers without our help.

We cut down forests for wood, needed for furniture, buildings, paper and a lot more. If we don’t sustain a decent tree number, however, a lot of species can become extinct, thus, leading to us in the near future.

We rely on them for so much and without them, our lives would be literally impossible.

There is a saying that states:

“If a person didn’t plant a tree in their life, they did not live fully.” – Anonymous

This article is made to raise awareness of deforestation, a process that is happening all around the globe. If we don’t take action on the matter, our planet won’t be the same for future generations.

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