Why Do We Love Music?

music people concertWhy do we love music? Music is the melody that has been around us for our entire lives – from the beginning to the end of our days.

What is music

Those pleasant sounds are a powerful phenomenon and are literally everywhere in our lives. They have the power to change, to bring joy, to heal and to upset … Probably this is fact because in them are intertwined emotions which our mind is sometimes incapable to figure out and to put into words. On top of that, something so explainable can create harmony, which is the higher creation of the mind.

Music is the one thing that can open our soul, layer by layer, to bring up dreams, fears, needs, and even make us vulnerable to manipulations. The tunes we hear are a piece of mind, because they can imply feelings, can cause thoughts, and can provoke actions.

Every melody is born from a certain feeling at a certain time with specific circumstances. Whether it be pain, expectation, happiness or sadness, once embedded with music, the feeling overcomes reality and starts to exist in eternity along with the melody.

Every person can say, that music managed to touch his soul. When the goosebumps appear we start to ask the question – “Did a person write this with my emotions in mind? “. Everything has to originate from the heart, that’s why we think that the creations of Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi or the songs of Elvis, Beetles, Metallica and many more artists like them are phenomenal. Their work echoes true time, connected with the emotional perception of many.

What happens when we listen to it.

When we listen to music, we have the feeling that it’s rushing true our veins, inspiring us, giving us ideas, shelter, meaning … We all connect our past experiences with certain songs, despite how old is the tune.

Music overcomes all boundaries, it is universal and language barriers can’t affect it. All those melodies that exist, and still waiting to be broth into this world, are one of the best means to enrich and help human culture. Born from the talent of someone, music makes us think about us, others and the world around us.

Connecting individuals and giving us a link between mind, heart, and will.

What are the effects of music

Numerous scientific studies were done on how it affects our brains and emotional perceptions.

In one such study, done from the University of London, volunteers were asked to rate the emotional content of a face from a series of photographs, while listening to music played in the background. The first group was shown photographs of people that were smiling, while the second was given pictures with more neutral and sad facial expressions. After that, the participants were asked to rate the emotions on the faces from one to seven, where one meant very sad and seven was very happy.

The researchers discovered that music strongly influenced the perception of these people, even though it’s not clear why. Happy faces were seen as even more happier with happy music, while sad songs and melodies exaggerated the frown. Similar effects were also observed with neutral expressions. This experiment demonstrated that the emotions of music are “cross-modal”, or in other words, they can spread from one sensory system to another without any specific effort.

There are many benefits that come along with those pleasant sounds.

It can be a powerful stress reliever. In addition to making us feel a little more relaxed, music can also boost your immune system, creating more antibodies to keep your body healthy.

Another benefit that comes along with music is that it can help by making a distraction from withdrawal symptoms made from addictions, while also reducing the number of pain-killers that patients need. It does so by affecting the production of chemicals in your head called neurotransmitters, which are responsible for communication between nerve cells. Drugs work in a similar fashion, except that stop your brain from producing its own chemicals.

Scientists are still trying to discover which areas of the brain are in charge of processing and enjoying music. Listening to it lights up a lot of areas in both hemispheres of the brain, and that is why it can produce brain activity that other methods, like conversations, for example, can’t.

To sum things up, we can say that:

Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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